Reflection: Writing Imminent


I hope the New Year continues to go well for you in these first weeks, and that this post finds you in good health and spirits! What I write to you today is my reflection on the writing and publishing process of my newest book, Imminent.

The planning was first completed in the early fall of 2014 with the writing beginning in earnest in that December. I completed the Prologue and Epilogue first before moving to the body of the book; this was mostly because the story that takes place in these parts envelops the story that comprises the book’s body, so it made sense to write it this way. I completed these bookend story parts before New Years Day 2015.


Cover of Imminent, designed by Ilian Georgiev

I then spent time writing and re-planning, then rewriting, the main body of the book, where the meat of the story takes place. There were a few major changes that took place in the first 6-8 months of 2015, most of them the result of my attempts to refine the story that came from my initial planning. I wanted to make this one unique in its own right yet familiar and relatable to the others before it, in a way to link the stories together in an abstract manner. This is one of the primary challenges with each book because it’s something that I want to get right, but can at times seem rather difficult to accomplish.

Once July had come and gone – a month where no new writing had taken place – I found myself refreshed and recharged to continue chipping away at my desired word count. Keep in mind, I advise that it’s not good to let a desired word count dictate the creation of the story in the strictest sense, but that it’s good to have a word count for which to aim when writing. The books in the WWII historical fiction collection are considered novellas, so I want them to not exceed 50K words. As a point of reference, my first book (Resistant) was just shy of 38K words, my second book (Unguarded) came in at just under 48K words, and Imminent is just under 47K.

As the process drew to its closing in the late fall and early winter of 2015, I finalized the cover design based on ideas I had from 2014. Most of the final covers that you see are very close to my original design ideas, if not the actual designs themselves. After a handful of revisions, we landed on what you saw above in this post. There is reason behind how the cover was designed, which I’ll detail in another post in the near future. I then finalized my manuscript and submitted it to Amazon with a few days to spare before my pre-order deadline of December 28.

I’d like to give special mention to one of my writing friends who edited the story for me, and who also gave me some great insight into writing and editing, as well as some much needed tips. At her request, I came up with a ghost name for her: Bella Migliorare. Here’s a little fun fact – in Italian, bella means good or nice, and migliorare is the root form of the word improvement. Since she made a “good improvement” to the story, the name made itself. So to my editor, I thank you!

As of this post, the Kindle and print versions of the book are available, so if you’re interested in this story or in my work in general, I encourage you to check it out on Amazon – the Kindle version is currently $2.99 and the print is $8.99. Don’t tarry in picking up your Kindle copy, for the price will go to the normal price of $3.99 soon. And I’d very much appreciate a review when you’ve finished, if you’d be so kind. With this project completed, it is time to move forward with the next one: Book Four in this collection should be started in the coming week or two, and I’ll continue to post details of its progress in the coming months.

I thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post. Your encouragement and support mean a great deal to me. If you aren’t yet on my mailing list, I encourage you to subscribe to get the inside scoop on my work and my writing life. I’d love to connect with you and share my journey and experiences with you.

Until next time,


Imminent Launch Week


Welcome to a new year! I hope everyone’s holidays were fun and safe, and that you got to spend time doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. This is a big week for me, so let’s get on to this post’s content…

The Faces of the War Collection

We’re in the final days of the Imminent pre-order, with the book releasing this Friday, January 8. If you haven’t yet picked up your discounted Kindle copy of my third WWII historical fiction book, you can do so here.


I am very excited to get this book off the ground and into the hands of readers, and am even more excited to hear what you think of the story. So if you do get your hands on a copy, I’d be delighted if you left a review on the Amazon sales page telling me your thoughts on the book.

In addition to the release of Imminent, this week also marked the highest volume of downloads of any of my books to date – over 500! The book in question is my debut story, Resistant, which was free this past week. In one day alone there were over two hundred downloads, so I thank you all who took part in this promotion. It truly made my week!

As for Unguarded, the second book in this collection, there will be a Kindle Countdown Deal from January 13-19. You can go to the book’s Amazon page to get your Kindle copy if you haven’t done so already. This whole month is a great way to kick off the New Year, so come along with me for the ride!


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, if you are a regular viewer, that I haven’t posted any new videos since before Christmas. This is mostly because I wanted to focus on time with family. I’m sure you can understand how important family is around the holidays. That being said, I intend on picking back up with my vlogs this week, posting the first video of the New Year on Friday alongside the release of Imminent. If you haven’t yet checked out my channel, you can find me on YouTube here.

That about does it for news this week, so be sure to pre-order Imminent this week, or at least check it out in the coming weeks, and let me know what you think. And as always, you can subscribe to my mailing list to keep as up-to-date on my work as possible. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Until next time,


A New Year, A New Chance


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

If you’ve read my blog for some time, you know that I usually start off each post with something to the extent of “welcome to a new week – where we have a new opportunity to accomplish our goals.” I say this because I truly believe that just because you don’t achieve your idea of success one week, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be worked toward or achieved the following week. With the New Year coming this week, I figured I’d expand upon some of my thoughts for another chance at success!

First, I’ll start off by touching on my WWII historical fiction work. My new book, Imminent, is available for pre-order right now and will  release January 8. I am very excited to get this project off the ground and into the hands of readers. This book presented me with some new challenges as well as some familiar ones, and I can’t wait to see what you think of it! Also my first book, Resistant, is FREE all this week, so pick up your Kindle copy today!

With that being said, I’ll kick off 2016 by beginning the writing of the next book. I am anxious for what the year will bring for my writing, but I’m also optimistic and excited. I thoroughly enjoy writing – creating – these stories, and I don’t want to stop. I want to make it a part of my life, and a big one at that. And that’s part of the whole idea of “a new opportunity” of which I so often speak: the excitement and wonder of what lies ahead, and having the courage and passion to find out.

Second, I’d like to say that whether you’re new to writing or have been doing it for years, I hope that you’ll take this transition in time to reflect on what you’re craft is, how you approach writing, and where you see yourself taking that passion. It’s good to every once in a while sit and think about the writing, rather than write write write without a second thought.

So as the New Year approaches and begins, I encourage you to take stock of what you currently do and how you can improve it. Yes, writing is an art, and art should be partially spontaneous and free-flowing, but a portion of it must also be structured, developed, and ever improved. That is something I’m going to strive for this year.

And lastly, not having to do so much with writing, is the idea of striving to achieve success in life. I don’t mean seek out ways to become rich – that’s not what this is about, nor should it be a focus in this type of conversation. What I speak of is far more precious and valuable: the state of happiness and contentment that results from hard work and focused energy.

It’s so easy to get off-topic or become distracted in today’s world, something that makes me envy my childhood, when times were simpler. Not so much because children lack adult responsibilities, but simpler because the physical world was our oyster, not the technological one. When you think about your life in a general sense (not putting more weight toward one thing or the other), what comes to mind that would make you happy? What would bring you contentment? This answer will be different for us all, as it should be.

So as I leave you with this post, ask yourself what can be done in the New Year to help achieve your goals. Don’t think of this as a New Year’s resolution, for it should be something of an everyday thought. It just so happens that our minds make us think that a change in the year means something. In this context, it doesn’t. You are always able to strive for greatness and success; it’s just a matter of when and how you do it for yourself.

Until next time,


Update: Imminent Release


The week of Christmas is here! I hope this post finds you well and in good health, as well as in the position of achieving your goals. If you’ve been thinking of implementing something new into your lifestyle or have been wanting to set goals for yourself, there’s no better time to start than within the next couple of weeks. New year, clean slate, many more opportunities! I have a few important items to discuss, so here we go…

The Faces of the War Collection

This past weekend, I completed the final edit of Imminent, which is currently available for pre-order and set to release on January 8. The final word count came in at just over 46.6K, which is almost 1,000 words less than my previous book, Unguarded. Resistant‘s word count came in at just under 38K. Just figured I’d give you a snapshot of the word count across all three books.


In terms of the discounts and deals going on with these books in the lead-up to Imminent‘s release, there has been a little change:

Resistant will be FREE from December 28 until January 1
Unguarded will have a Kindle Countdown Deal from January 13-19

Due to the price change I made on the Unguarded ebook ($4.99 to $3.99), there can’t be any promotions made until the book has sat at its new price point for 30 days. So instead of promoting it the week before the release of Imminent, it’ll come the week after. I really wanted to relay this change in information so that you aren’t blindsided by it, and perhaps can better plan for purchasing if that’s what you were going to do!

I still have until next Monday, December 28 to submit the final version of the book file to Amazon, so I think I’ll take today and/or tomorrow to read through the manuscript one last time for good measure.

After Imminent releases, I plan on beginning the process for the next book. As far as my plans are at this point, it will release sometime in 2017. For now, I’m planning on writing the fifth and final book of the collection simultaneously, bouncing back and forth between the two projects for the writing and editing parts of the process. It’s something I want to try with regard to my writing process and style, and in an effort to test my boundaries. I have the stories pretty much planned – I just need to iron out the details then begin the actual writing!


For this week’s video, I plan on posting it on Thursday. It will be brief, because I want my readers and followers to enjoy time together with their families and friends, not stuck glued to a TV or phone screen. The following week’s video will probably be more along the lines of a normal video. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel (where I talk about my writing and teaching lives, as well as travel and other things), you can click the link above or search Eli Kale in YouTube.

I think that will about do it for this post. I want to wish you a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever you prefer – I just hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, that you’re with family and friends. I am excited for the coming weeks and the prospect of new goals to be conquered, as I hope you are too. Take care and be safe this week!

Until next time,


Imminent Cover Reveal


Welcome to a new blog post, a new week, and a new opportunity to achieve the goals you set out for yourself! Today’s post has some awesome content, so let’s get right to it…

The Faces of the War Collection

Imminent, the third book in my WWII historical fiction collection, has been the longest in the making between the three books. This writing experience has proven to be different than the last, just as that was different than its predecessor. Writing, for me, has been quite an exciting journey, and I’m glad it has brought me to this point – where I can release yet another piece of my inner creativity and passion. So without further ado, here is the cover:


After a handful of revised versions, this is the cover I landed on. Before I explain parts of it, I’ll give you the story’s synopsis:

“Hans, a captain in the German army, finds himself questioning his beliefs and perception of the Nazi Party and its agenda for the army in the middle of the war. As he and his men face the overwhelming tide of the Allied advance, will he hold true to his roots and effectively order his men to their deaths, or will he choose a more dangerous road, the destination of which is unknown?”

As with previous covers in this collection, the layout and feel is the same. I wanted to go for a gritty, familiar look, yet showcase the type of character we’ll get to know in the story and something of a glimpse into what that story might hold.

This story was fun yet a little challenging to write. I did quite a bit of research behind what the plot came to involve, and tried to develop the main character in a unique yet familiar way, in some form congruent with my first two MCs. This story is a bit of a different look into themes and motifs many of  us know and understand, and as always I hope to bring some degree of education to the table for any and all readers.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Now that we’ve seen the cover, what about the release details?” To which I say, “Read on…”

Imminent will be released January 8, 2016. A pre-order has begun on Amazon, which means you can purchase the book now and have it automatically delivered on the release date! On your Kindle (or through your computer to set it up for your Kindle), all you have to do is go to the Amazon sales page and make the purchase accordingly. The price is $2.99. The pre-order is only for the Kindle version of the book. The print version will release on or around the same date, depending on how quickly it gets processed by Createspace once I make the final submission.

While you’re at it, I encourage you to check out my social media pages, my YouTube channel, and my website in general – especially if you aren’t familiar with my previous work. Also, I’d love to connect through my mailing list, so joining that would be much appreciated too. I’ll send you a newsletter once a month beginning in January, detailing my projects and how my writing life is going. There are also other tidbits and fun facts included as well.

In addition to the release of Imminent, there are a few other bits of news…

The Kindle prices for my previous two books in this collection are GOING DOWN!

Resistant is going from $4.99 to $0.99 and Unguarded is going from $4.99 to $3.99 (if they haven’t already). If you haven’t picked these ebooks up yet, now is the time to get them!

Oh wait, I almost forgot…I’m running a promotion for both books in the lead up to Imminent‘s release! Here’s what’s goin’ on:

Two weeks from now, on December 28, Resistant will be FREE on the Kindle. This promotion will last from the 28th until January 2.

Then from January 3-7, Unguarded will go through a Kindle Countdown Deal. This basically means that it starts off at a low sales point, then gradually increases over the period of the promotion, until it reaches its normal list price on the final day. So, act fast and pick my books up while they’re discounted. You can’t beat it!

So if you’re doing the math through all of this, here’s what you could get all three books for: Resistant for FREE, Unguarded for $0.99, and Imminent for $2.99, totaling $3.98. Three books for $4 sounds pretty good to me!

So if you get Amazon gift cards for Christmas, or you’re looking for some new books to populate your Kindle, I have the perfect solution for you. And if you do purchase my books, I welcome ratings and reviews on Amazon from my readers. They act as a good method of connection and communication – I want to know what you, my readers, think of the work I create, and how I can improve my craft. I value your commitment to my books, and your opinion of them.

I think this has turned out to be quite the lengthy post, so I’ll go ahead and wrap it up. As always, I thank you for reading my blog and for supporting me in my passion, whether this is your first read or your 100th. I hope to see the same support next month when Imminent hits the shelves, both digital and physical!

Until next time,


Details All Around


I’d like to start off today’s post by remembering the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. It’s the event that acted as our catalyst for war, resulting in our involvement in both the Pacific and European theaters of the war. Without our entry, things may have turned out very differently. So please, take a moment and think about how this day 74 years ago changed the course of history, and be grateful for the victorious outcome our country achieved in its aftermath.

~ * ~

I’d like to thank you for reading this post, and to welcome you to my blog. If this is your first time reading, you’ll find information in my blog posts related to my writing projects, as well as to other things going on in my life such as teaching and traveling. If you’re not new, then you already know! Let’s get into this week’s content…

The Faces of the War Collection

In my WWII historical fiction collection, I’ve made some good progress on my third book, titled “Imminent.” At the moment, I have about 13K words remaining in the manuscript that still need edited and placed into the final draft file, so things are progressively coming to a close. I got a good chunk of work done yesterday, and I’ll continue to chip away at it over the coming weeks. A reminder from last week’s blog post: the new release date (more than tentative but not 100%) is January 8. If not then, it will be around that time (like the following Monday the 11th, for example). I am wrapping up communication with my cover designer this week, so you can expect to see a reveal next week. There will be other book/story details given at that time as well, so keep your eyes open!

If you haven’t yet checked out my first two books, you can find them on Amazon in both Kindle and print formats: Resistant and Unguarded.

Writing Tip: A piece of advice I was once given stated that when writing, don’t be too liberal with the exclamation point. The person said, “If the character isn’t on fire, don’t use it.” If used too much, it can take away some of the urgency or emotion in the dialogue, which can negatively affect the story.

The Short Story Collection

I’ve said recently that I plan on developing the next volume of short stories simultaneously with the fourth book (writing begins in January), and that I hope for a summer release. I currently have the three story ideas in place; I just need to plan them out in detail. From there, the writing could take anywhere from 2-6 months. My focus, however, will be on my WWII projects, so the short stories will be tended to here and there.

If you haven’t yet checked out my first two volumes, you can find them available for the Kindle on Amazon: Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Writing Tip: When writing story text (dialogue or otherwise), don’t include too many commas in any one sentence. In most cases, those lengthy sentences can be broken down. Having too many commas can lend to reader confusion. 


I’d like to thank those who have subscribed to my YouTube channel and who’ve watched my videos. I make these videos to document my life – writing, teaching, traveling, and personal – because I want to share my experiences with those who will listen. We all grow in our own way, but having a part of that growth be in the form of connecting through an amazing platform as YouTube is pretty awesome, and I want you to join me on the journey!

You can subscribe to my channel here, where you’ll find weekly videos posted about my writing projects, my teaching life, my travels, and certain aspects of my personal life. And if you’d like a more detailed look into my work, as well as to connect with me and fellow readers, I encourage you to join my mailing list. You can email me at with a quick “hello” letting me know you’d like to be added to the list. I welcome anyone and everyone!

That will do it for this week’s blog post. Be sure to check out next week’s post where I’ll reveal the book cover for Imminent and detail book/story details.

Until next time,


Imminent Release Date


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this past week, and that you were able to spend time with friends and family. And if you’re a reader who doesn’t celebrate this American holiday, I hope you had a great week nonetheless! Let’s get down to business…

The Faces of the War Collection

I sliced into Part II of my WIP last week, editing about a quarter of the text. Today is another day off for my Thanksgiving Break (for school), so I intend on editing much more of the manuscript. Despite this progress, things aren’t where I want them to be timeline-wise. Therefore, I am pushing the release date back to January 2016.

Here is my reasoning for doing this: I have always said that I won’t be tied to a timeline, releasing a book on a given date no matter what state it’s in, because that’s not what writing is about. I will release the book when it’s ready. And today, November 30 – the original date of intended release – the book is not ready. With a January release date, I can finish the work over my Christmas Break. There is also a continuity factor in all of this. Based on the release years, the collection looks a little more uniform. Here you can see what I mean:

Resistant (2014)
Unguarded (2015)
Imminent (2016)
Book Four (2017)
Book Five (2018)

I’ve previously stated that I am going to work on my final two books simultaneously, and release them together (or at the very least, one right after the other within a 1-2 months), so this plan will help facilitate that end. So here’s the new release date, which isn’t quite 100% (because ya never know) but it’s more than tentative: Friday, January 8. After I get this week’s worth of editing done, I’ll see where I am and whether I deem the story close enough to being ready for the cover reveal and pre-order to take place…so stay tuned!

Writing Tip: By using action tags in dialogue and doing more “showing” than “telling” with regard to your characters, you can develop what is called “deep POV” which really helps connect your readers with the characters.

That’s all there is to tell in the way of major news, so check back over the coming weeks for information on my next book, Imminent, and the cover/details reveal. As always, thank you for reading this post and for your support of my passion. It truly means a lot!

Until next time,



Be Grateful


Welcome to a new week! I hope this post finds you well and on your way to accomplishing all you set out to do this week. I have a couple of news items, so let’s get to it…

But first, I apologize for my YouTube vlog posting late this week. I experienced WiFi issues and didn’t post it on Friday, but it’s live now so go check it out! Also, this blog post is live later than normal, mostly because I was finalizing the YouTube video and I was tending to the work of my job. So now, let’s get into this week’s content…

The Faces of the War Collection

With this week being Thanksgiving Break for me, I’ll have some time to really devote toward progressing through the editing of Imminent. I’m really hoping to make some strides toward the story’s completion, so that it’s completed sooner than later. I’ll have more details over the coming weeks as to what is for sure going to happen with the book’s release, as well as the cover reveal and all that fun stuff.

Writing Tip: When editing, try to replace adjectives that are often used – or really any words that are repetitive – in order to sharpen your vocabulary and smooth the story’s flow.


This time of year is set aside for each of us to take stock of what we’re thankful for, but we really should be mindful of the things – the blessings – we have in life from day to day. So right now, I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude and thankfulness for a few things…

First, to my loving wife, Sarah, for loving, encouraging, and strengthening me on a daily basis. For putting up with my goofy side and even being goofy herself. She is who I get to laugh with, get to talk with, and who I get to spend my life with every day, and for that I’m very thankful.

I am grateful for the friends and family in my life, near or far, and for the impact they’ve all had on me. Even though we might not see each other as often as we’d like, the bond we share is strong and keeps us close in a special way. My family and friends mean a great deal to me, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Lastly, I’m so very grateful for the talents and passion I’ve been given, and that I get to share them with those who desire to involve themselves in my work. I may not be a stellar writer, superstar athlete, or quintessential renaissance man, but I am a unique individual who thinks his life has been pretty awesome so far, and is excited to see where it goes. And that’s enough for me!

I implore you to find something you’re grateful for this week, and to hold on to that thing, person, or whatever it may be. Cherish what you have and who you are in this moment in this world, because you never know when or how it might change.

Thank you for reading this week’s post, and for your continued support of my passion. If you’re not yet a member on my mailing list, I encourage you to send me an email at to let me know you’d like to be added. With my new book on the way, you could win a free copy in a giveaway! There are also other cool things I do with my newsletter, so check it out.

Until next time,


Workin’ Away!


As you read this post, I hope you are in good health, good spirits, and perhaps in good company! Let’s get down to this week’s material…

The Faces of the War Collection

Work has been progressing slowly but surely on Imminent, and I can’t wait to get the story out to you. I still don’t know when that time will be for sure, but the tentative release date of December 11 still stands. As Thanksgiving nears, I’ll make the decision as to when the actual release will occur based on the progress I make this week. When I know for sure, I’ll reveal the cover and book details, so keep an eye out for it!

If you’re interested in my first two books, you can check them out at Amazon! They are called Resistant and Unguarded.

Writing Tip: If you need to relay information to your reader, do it in the form of character dialogue or inner monologue – but don’t do too much at once, and don’t give unrelated information. Information dumps are bad!

The Short Story Collection

As I’ve said before, I plan on working toward the publication of another short story volume sometime in the next 6-9 months after I get Imminent up and running. For Volume 3, I have the story ideas already cooked up; I just have to develop them and then write them. My focus, however, will be my Faces project, simply because I’ll be working on the final two books simultaneously and aim to get them done sooner than later. As usual, this third volume will differ from its predecessors and will hopefully be another opportunity for me to experiment with my writing craft.

If you want to check out the first two volumes in this collection, you can get them on the Kindle. Volume 1 and Volume 2 are pretty cool!

Writing Tip: When writing for long periods of time in one day, it’s good practice to take a break every once in a while to stretch your legs, reset your eyes, and give your mind a breather. I do it about every hour or so on long writing days.

That’s about it for this post. Thank you so much for reading it and for taking an interest in my work. I encourage you to check out the links to my books (above) and to follow this blog if you aren’t already doing so. I enjoy networking, especially with other readers and writers!

Until next time,


November Rain


I hope this post finds you in good health and good spirits, striving toward achieving your goals! If you are someone who tends to have trouble in this area, here’s a tip: just do a little at a time. Set small, attainable goals that lead to bigger ones. From there, you should be much more able to get where you want to go.

Let’s get into this week’s content…

The Faces of the War Collection

The progress of Imminent is coming along great! I am about a third of the way done with finalizing the manuscript, and I hope to keep up the pace into the coming weeks. I have applied the tips and advice given me by my editor, and have really taken to make it part of my writing habit. It will be very interesting when I start on the next book and can implement those pieces of advice from the beginning of the process. That leads into what I’d like to say next.

My plan for the post-Imminent time period, at least for the immediate future, will involve working on the final two books of the collection simultaneously. As of yesterday, I’ve developed the story and supporting details for the first third of each book. Once I complete the skeleton outline of the story, writing can begin. I’ll stick as closely as I can to my writing plan of 1,500 words a week, and see where that takes me come spring. My overall plan, as of now, is to work on the writing of both books so that “hard part” is done sooner, allowing me to use my creative flow to my advantage and work in the phase of editing as a whole, later. It’s a new approach to my writing, so I’m excited to try it out and see what happens!

Writing Tip: It’s good to try new things in writing, especially when it comes to the method of creativity. You never know what might work better for you than what you’re currently doing.

I’ve noticed something peculiar in the past week, and then by extension the past many months: for some reason, I work more efficiently when it rains. It’s now November (crazy!) and we recently had a short spell of rain. During that time, I felt more “in a rhythm” with my work, and I ended up getting quite a bit done. On the same token, I’ve noticed the same trend in the past. There have been times before where I work extremely well and am very productive while it rains. Weather or not rain is the reason, I don’t know…it’s just an observation. (You see what I did there?)

Other Work

In planning the coming months, I realized that I may not have much time to devote to other projects. I really want to focus on completing my WWII collection because it’s very important to me. I wouldn’t feel good about working on other things, because I’d be taking time away from my main project. Like I’ve said before, I don’t want there to be a large lapse in time before I complete Faces. With that said, I don’t know how it will affect progress of The Short Story Collection, and I definitely won’t start one of the newer, bigger projects I have planned for development. I’ll simply focus on Faces.

Writing Tip: It’s good to have some sort of plan in place for your writing. Look at what goals you want to accomplish and turn those into an action plan with quantifiable milestones.

That’s about it for this week. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me! If you aren’t a follower of my blog, click that Follow button, and be sure to check out my social media pages and subscribe to my mailing list (just email me at!

Until next time,