The Short Story Collection

What It Is

I have taken quite an interest in writing short stories. I wanted to gather them all together eventually and publish them, but I thought it best to do so periodically in smaller increments. Therefore, I decided to publish three-story volumes, one volume at a time.

The main motivation behind writing these stories is for me to vary what I put out to my readership. This medium affords me a much smaller scope in which to focus my writing, and the style and types of stories here are, by nature, different from the stories of my larger projects. It also allows my readers to get their hands on something else to read, even if it is fewer in pages.

So feel free to check out the different stories I’ve written, all of them told in various perspectives, taking place in an array of settings, and focused on characters experiencing a wide range of things!

6 thoughts on “The Short Story Collection

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