Needless Book Release Details!


I hope this post finds you well in these early days of the new year, and that you are well on your way to accomplishing your goals – whether in your work or personal life! There has been much excitement on my end, as my new book Needless just released today. Let’s dive on into today’s post…

The Faces of the War Collection

If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know that this book has been in the making since I released my last book, Imminent, last January. I blitzed the rough draft this past summer, knocking out around 40K words in about ten weeks or so. After some fine tuning and tweaking in the autumn months, the book was made ready for pre-order. The day has finally arrived, and my story is now available to the world!

You can check out what Needless is all about and, if you’d like, get a copy from Amazon here.

As part of the process of releasing a new book in a collection or series, I spent this morning going through and updating the eBook and print manuscript files to reflect the new book. When it comes to this, mostly for the Kindle books, it’s best to ensure any links you have in your front or back matter work and are formatted correctly. And even though there aren’t links in a print book, it’s still a good practice to ensure the wording is how you want it and that it best directs your reader to your other work and/or website.

So now that this fourth book is complete and out in the world, I will take a little break from writing, as mentioned in my last post. My wife and I are still expecting our first child – whose due date is actually today – so I want to devote my energy and focus toward that when the time comes. I anticipate that in the summer months I’ll write here and there, but I don’t expect to release anything new in the near future. But fret not, for I do have a handful of project ideas that I can work on and turn into stories…but when the time is right.

I’d like to close by giving a word of gratitude to all those who have supported this passion of mine, who have lent me their opinions and insights, and those who have encouraged me to come as far as I have. Without you, I wouldn’t have grown in the ways that I have, nor become the writer I am – still needing improvements here and there, but a writer nonetheless. I look forward to what the coming months bring as I set out on this new adventure in life, and I can’t wait to see what writing I get into when I fully return to it.

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Imminent Launch Week


Welcome to a new year! I hope everyone’s holidays were fun and safe, and that you got to spend time doing things you enjoy with the ones you love. This is a big week for me, so let’s get on to this post’s content…

The Faces of the War Collection

We’re in the final days of the Imminent pre-order, with the book releasing this Friday, January 8. If you haven’t yet picked up your discounted Kindle copy of my third WWII historical fiction book, you can do so here.


I am very excited to get this book off the ground and into the hands of readers, and am even more excited to hear what you think of the story. So if you do get your hands on a copy, I’d be delighted if you left a review on the Amazon sales page telling me your thoughts on the book.

In addition to the release of Imminent, this week also marked the highest volume of downloads of any of my books to date – over 500! The book in question is my debut story, Resistant, which was free this past week. In one day alone there were over two hundred downloads, so I thank you all who took part in this promotion. It truly made my week!

As for Unguarded, the second book in this collection, there will be a Kindle Countdown Deal from January 13-19. You can go to the book’s Amazon page to get your Kindle copy if you haven’t done so already. This whole month is a great way to kick off the New Year, so come along with me for the ride!


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, if you are a regular viewer, that I haven’t posted any new videos since before Christmas. This is mostly because I wanted to focus on time with family. I’m sure you can understand how important family is around the holidays. That being said, I intend on picking back up with my vlogs this week, posting the first video of the New Year on Friday alongside the release of Imminent. If you haven’t yet checked out my channel, you can find me on YouTube here.

That about does it for news this week, so be sure to pre-order Imminent this week, or at least check it out in the coming weeks, and let me know what you think. And as always, you can subscribe to my mailing list to keep as up-to-date on my work as possible. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

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Book Release: “Resistant”


The time has finally arrived…my debut book has been released! You can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and it will soon be on other sites as well. Information on the book’s release, and anything else related to the book, can be found on the “Resistant” tab on the home page of my blog. To celebrate the release, here is a picture created by the online word cloud tool “Wordle”…


It has been quite a journey, I must say–one that seems like it started a long, long time ago. Through this journey I learned a good deal about writing and about the industry in general. That is something I believe is a vital part of being passionate about something: you must be involved in your craft and not just go through the motions. This experience has definitely brought me closer to the idea of not only wanting to keep writing, but to work hard to write a lot. I am very grateful for the love and support given to me by family, friends, and colleagues. It has helped me bring to life something I created from nothing, and that is an amazing thing to me.

Through this process, I found myself thoroughly enjoying what I was doing. I put in quite a bit of research for this book to help supplement the information I knew already. Creating a story couched in the fabric of history is something that makes me giddy when it all comes together. It’s always intriguing to address the “what-ifs” of history, as well as to see how events could have tied into the “real thing.” It’s been done many times before; I’m just giving my take on the concept.

To conclude my reflection, at least for the moment, I would like to say that I look forward to creating more stories and bringing them to you for reading. I am always open to suggestions and criticisms, because I want to become a better writer. If you read my story, I ask that you leave a comment somewhere or write a review. Those words from the reader’s perspective really help me out in a lot of ways!




If you haven’t seen it already, I released the title of my debut book earlier today on Twitter and Facebook. “Resistant” will be out within the next two weeks! I will be updating you all on Monday, as well as throughout the next few weeks, with more details both before and after the book’s release.

I don’t want to give away too much right now, but I will say this…if you like historical fiction, especially set in the time period of the Second World War, then you will enjoy this story. If you like stories with action and emotion, you will enjoy this story.

One thing I ask is that you please pass the word along to anyone you know if you think they would like this book! A good way to get involved with me and to be “in the know” is to follow me on social media, especially this blog. Just copy the links below and paste them to the digital walls of your friends and family.



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Check back on Monday for the cover reveal of my book, “Resistant.” And look for it online in the coming days!