Book Cover Judgment


I am looking forward to the week ahead, and am grateful to have yet another opportunity to do my passion: writing. If you find yourself wanting to try something new or you haven’t made time to explore your passions, I encourage you to do so! I have a few developments I’d like to talk about today…

The Faces of the War Collection

I received the final draft of my book cover last week, and I am excited to show it to you when the time comes. It wasn’t exactly how I originally envisioned it, but it’s something different that I ended up liking a lot as the process went forward. I’ll reveal it to you down the road, when the manuscript is much closer to being the finished product.

Inkitt Short Story

There is still time to read and vote for my short story; of course, voting for it if you enjoyed reading it! You can find it on the Inkitt website under the historical fiction contest entitled “Reclaim Time” here. It was a fun story to write, and I hope it’s a great story to read!

Indie Writing Advice

In light of my book cover being completed, I’d like to touch on the misconception that you don’t need to have a professionally designed book cover. In my opinion (and this is a shared opinion by many big names in the industry, like David Gaughran), not giving your book cover the attention it deserves is tantamount to not seeing people buy your book. Even if it’s free, a badly designed cover will turn potential readers away. Think of it this way: your cover is the first view a potential reader gets of your book and the story within it. If the cover doesn’t at least keep their attention for ten seconds, then there’s very little hope.

I’ll compare this to something I experienced when I was studying abroad in Russia. When I was picked up by my host family and taken to their apartment building, I was caught off-guard by their building: it was somewhat run down, the landscaping wasn’t kept well, and the atmosphere just seemed a little “back alley.” However, when we got inside the building and into their flat, it was amazing! The style of their home was welcoming and eclectic, and it was quite a step up from my own home. My point is this: the outside of the building probably wouldn’t appeal to many, but once inside that perception would drastically change. The same can go for books with poorly made covers – the outside might not appeal, but the inside could be amazing.

That’s about it for this week. I thank you for your continued support, and if this is your first time reading my blog then I welcome you! Follow me for project updates and details regarding upcoming books. I look forward to interacting with you!

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Short Bit


I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits! Today’s post is a little shorter than usual because it’s a day full of things in my personal life. So without wasting any more time, let’s get down to today’s content…

The Faces of the War Collection

There has been much progress with my third book, still tentatively due to release sometime in the late summer months. I am on pace to reach the 20K word mark by next week or so, which is very exciting! The story is really beginning to unravel, and it’s great! Keep an eye out for details about the cover and title release, hopefully in the next two months!

The Short Story Collection

I have decided to put this project on hold for the time being. There are certain things I am doing, both in my personal and writing lives, that take priority over this. However, I will get to finishing Volume 2 in time. The point of this project, anyway, was to give me something to write on when I wasn’t working on my larger projects. In addition to my upcoming WWII book, there is something else in the works, but you’ll find out about that soon enough!


If you haven’t yet checked out my channel, I encourage you to do so. I am nearing the end of my series on writing process, which should be toward the end of the month. After that, I plan on vlogging my everyday writing life and include details about my projects and such. Be sure to click the “Subscribe” button, as well as to “Thumbs Up” the videos you watch. It really helps me out in the YouTube community!

There isn’t much more in terms of news, but I hope to begin the summer with a refreshed approach to my blog posts so that you, my readers, can still get your fill of my work but also be informed on more than just my projects. Be sure to “Follow” my blog if you aren’t already, because I’m trying to make it better from here on out!

Also, please feel free to explore my website and check out my books and projects, if you have not yet done so. I’m only a few clicks away from a chat about my work, so don’t hesitate to contact if you have questions about my books or what I’m working on!

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Unguarded: Reflection


I hope this post finds you well and on the way to achieving your weekly goals! I wanted to reflect on the experience from beginning to end, as well as inform you of some things, so let’s get down to business.

This past weekend, Unguarded released in print and on the Kindle. It has been a wonderful seven months since beginning the writing process in June. Throughout the early summer, I planned the book in skeleton form, getting the main plot ideas down before moving forward. From June to September, I spent quite a bit of time writing, applying tips and tricks I’d learned along the way. One thing I also tried to incorporate this time around is extending the length of manuscript. This was a common suggestion in the reviews from Resistant, so I wanted to listen to that and act on it.

After completing the first draft, I gave the manuscript to two of my friends. They acted as my beta readers and editors, one of them actually being my editor on the first book. While I awaited their feedback, I contacted my cover designer and got that process moving. Knowing what I wanted this time around, I received the final cover less than a week from when I placed the order for it. If you are interested, check out BookFuel for their author services. Soon after that, my editors/readers each gave me some great feedback, helping me shape my story into the second draft. It was in that draft that much of the story kept its form, remaining that way all the way until publication.

The third and final draft (in terms of major changes to the manuscript) was finished around Thanksgiving. I rested my writing mind during the holidays, which is a good piece of advice for aspiring writers. Taking breaks is not a bad thing! I then read through the third draft two more times before the middle of December arrived, tweaking and amending parts of the story that needed it. The biggest aspect I tried to pay attention to was the dialogue. This has been an ever-changing aspect of writing for me in the sense that I have been putting much effort into trying to make it the best it can be.

I then gave the manuscript to my editor for three weeks (December into January). He sent me really helpful feedback and answered a few questions after I went through his changes. With the manuscript very close to being complete, I did one final read-through. Again, I focused on dialogue, as well as keeping an eye out for grammar and spelling one last time. I finished this item on the checklist the day before I needed to submit the manuscript to Amazon (for the pre-order).

After submitting the formatted ebook manuscript to KDP (.mobi files for Kindle, by the way), I formatted the print document. Createspace provides templates that make formatting easier on the indie publisher. You can check them out here. I wanted to streamline the look of my books, especially those in the Faces of the War collection, so I simply made the formatting for one book and saved the same document as different files for each of the books. This may take you some time, but it will help improve the image of your books, which improves the quality of your brand.

When the time came to submit the print version to Createspace, I did that with much excitement. The next morning, I received an email from Createspace stating they found no formatting errors and that the book’s publication awaited my “O.K.” I gave the final submission through my profile on Createspace on Friday evening of last week. Even though the prompt then said it would take 3-5 business days to process, the book still went live Monday morning. Sometimes is just works out for the better in that way.

Overall, I was very happy with my writing, editing, and publishing experience this time around. Writing has given me such joy, and I hope that the content I distribute does the same for my readers. I am very excited for the possibilities in store for me in 2015, and I can’t wait to get moving on the next project.

One final thing is this: if you are a new or somewhat new writer, and find yourself discouraged or unmotivated, please do not lose heart. All it takes it just to work a little here and a little there to get into a rhythm. And if you’re not feeling the writing vibe at the moment, then do some reading. Anything you can do to stimulate your creative mind will help you out. Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do something just because it’s 45,000 words away. You can do it!

I hope you will check out my books, especially Unguarded, and tell me what you think in a review!

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New Release Date


I hope this post finds you well and ready for a new week ahead! I have some news for you, so let’s jump right into the blog…

The Faces of the War Collection

As you may know, I have been dealing with a publishing timeline dilemma over the past couple of weeks. The main issue is that I want to be sure to give Unguarded, my current project, the attention it needs and deserves without sacrificing it to meet a release date. I don’t think that is fair to me and the vision I have for this book and the collection, but it’s especially not fair to my readers. And so, I have decided that I will push the release date back to January, which actually was the initial date I had tentatively set when I began writing. So all in all, there’s no loss in timeline terms.

To elaborate a bit more on the publishing process, here’s how it will go:

1) From now until December 12, I will tend to my manuscript to polish up the dialogue (the main concern based on beta reading feedback) and fix any minor things that I feel should be fixed.

2) On December 12, I will send my completed manuscript to my editor in Colorado, who will then take up to three weeks to do a substantive edit of the roughly 47K words I have written since beginning in June.

3) During those three weeks, I will relax and let my brain recharge. The crisp air of the Alps should do me well!

4) Sometime during the first week of January, I should receive the completed proof from my editor, and will then take to fixing or changing the manuscript based on her suggestions and comments. My hope is that it will take me no longer than a week, but we shall see.

5) Once the manuscript is amended and I believe it to be fit for publication, I will submit the appropriate files to Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace, the Amazon subsidiaries used by self-publishers. After a few days of processing, and barring any formatting issues that need my attention, the book will go live and be available in both ebook and print form. As the time nears, I will release more information about a release date and other juicy details.

The entire process for this book has been different for the most part in comparison to my first book, but I welcome the change with an open mind and a happy heart. I am doing something I love and bringing it to you for your entertainment.

As always, I encourage you to join my mailing list if you haven’t done so already, mostly because that’s where I reveal the really juicy details about my work, and it’s also revealed there before the general public sees it. You can think of it like a VIP club. And if you already are subscribed, then tell a friend. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

I hope that you can appreciate and understand my decision to push the release date back for Unguarded, and that you are as excited as I am for its release. Like I said, I want to be sure to bring you a good quality book, and this is the best way to do that as far as I can see.

Until next time,


Resistant on Sale!


Today is the start to a new week. I truly hope you are accomplishing something on your to-do list today. It always feels great when that happens! I have some interesting news for you today, so let’s jump on in…

The Faces of the War Collection


First off, I would like to announce that my debut book Resistant will be going on sale this week into next week, October 21-28, on Amazon. This is another promotional tool I am using in the buildup to the release of my next book in this collection, further explained below. I’ll include a direct link here for your convenience! The print version is also live again, with the distribution issues finally resolved. In case you missed what all went on regarding why Resistant wasn’t in print for some time, you can read the article here. If you haven’t read my book yet, I do encourage you to check it out. Maybe it’ll be something you’d like!

Now on to news related to Unguarded.


This week should be an interesting one for me, mostly because it is the last full week of October. By that, I mean that it is the last full week I have before the next step in the publishing process for Unguarded takes place: designing my cover on the 1st of November! Unguarded, the second book in the “Faces of the War” collection, will continue to be put through the editing process for about another month or so. At that time I hope to have the cover finalized and the final manuscript ready for conversion, which I am doing on my own for this book.

I am excited that the draft manuscript is going through changes. Despite the satisfaction of completing the writing part rather quickly, I knew I would want to go back through and rework the text where appropriate. It feels good and right to go back and make some changes and additions; that is something crucial in making a good story, I believe. This time around, I worked with the editor of my first book (my friend Angela), but also picked up another editor. The primary reason for this was simply scheduling conflicts and lack of time on the schedules of all involved. The manuscript will go through a third editor, one who works for the author resources company BookFuel (who helped with my first book), in November. I am really looking forward to this change-up in routine from my last book, ready to experience something a little different and new this time.

As these next 4-6 weeks come and go, I will be releasing more details related the release of Unguarded, both on this blog as well as through my newsletter. If you have not joined my mailing list–where you receive VIP details and updates before the general public–I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s very easy! I’ll include the link here. The process for subscribing is pretty straightforward. Once you’re a part of the Eli Kale community, you’ll receive a bi-weekly newsletter with details and behind-the-scenes information on what I am doing, especially Unguarded. It’s really a great way for me to connect with you, my readers!

The Short Story Collection

Volume 1 of my short story collection has been available for the Kindle for a few weeks now, and so far I’ve heard from a few readers that they like the material. I am trying to provide my readership with different story material that they can easily read through between the publication of my larger projects. The first volume went live in September, and the second volume should go live sometime shortly after the New Year. You can find more information on the collection here.

Volume 1 - Cover

That is basically all the big news I have for you right now. I look forward to releasing more details in the coming weeks, and I do hope you’ll keep up with me as the release of Unguarded approaches! Remember to check out Resistant on sale this week!

Until next time,


Resistant Is In Print (Again)


Another week, another blog! I am happy to inform you that the print version of Resistant is once again live on Amazon. After some minor delays in rebooting the book solely under my distribution and marketing efforts, the process is finally complete. If you’d like to check out the book’s Amazon page, click here. I can now say that everything is back to “normal”…or at least as normal as things usually are.

As the month of October progresses, I accomplish a little more of what is currently on my to-do list. Each day brings me closer to the release of my next book, Unguarded, and to the start of other projects. I am excited that Resistant is back up and running in print, but I am even more excited to bring Book Two of my “Faces of the War” collection to you, probably by Christmas (that’s the idea). I won’t go into detail now with regards to the aforementioned “other projects” but rather save that for another time.

This past weekend, I ran a free promotion deal through Amazon for Volume 1 of my “Short Story” collection. I won’t know how many copies were downloaded (that sales report will take a couple weeks for me to see it), but I hope that many readers took advantage of it. If you missed it, it’s only $0.99, so check it out!

There will be another free ebook giveaway for Resistant in November, beginning sometime around Thanksgiving. This time, though, there will be more than one winner selected! I’ll post information about that on my website as the time gets closer. Next Tuesday, October 21 begins a week-long Countdown Deal through Amazon for Resistant. It will end on the 28th so make sure you drop by the book’s sales page to get your copy! All of these promotions are in preparation for the release of Unguarded in December (hopefully), so the idea is to get you my books at a discounted rate so you can have some reading material for the holidays. There may be a pre-order set up for Unguarded, but I will release more details on that when I have more of a concrete idea on the matter.

I sincerely thank you for following along with me on this journey through the world of self-publishing. And if this is your first time reading my blog, then I welcome you aboard and encourage you to check out my website to see information about my work and how I got into the self-publishing business. Your support is greatly appreciated. My readers make me who I am, and for that I am grateful. That is pretty much the main points I wanted to get across to you today. I will have more details to reveal as the coming weeks manifest themselves.

Until next time,


UNGUARDED: Book Two in the “Faces of the War” Collection


I am now more than halfway complete with Part I of UNGUARDED, the second book in my “Faces of the War” collection!


I sent the first portion of Part I off to my editor for proofing while I continue writing. So far, the story is coming together really well. I am pleased with the process of this book thus far.

I wanted to take a moment to remind you all of something. The “Faces of the War” collection is not a series. The books I write in this collection are not connected in plot, only in genre and time period. I just wanted to reiterate that fact as I go along with this second book so we’re all on the same page.

I don’t want to give away too much too soon in terms of details. But I can tell you this: a common thing I’ve picked out of a few reviews of RESISTANT so far is the length. The length of RESISTANT was around 200 pages, and that is what I felt was a good length when I wrote it. I didn’t want to force words onto the page and risk goofing up the story. 


Therefore, here is a detail of UNGUARDED that I’m sure will be a welcomed one: Book Two will be longer than 200 pages. I’m not sure how much longer it will be, but it will be longer. 

On another note, I plan to begin blogging twice a week–once on Monday and again on Thursday: the first will be updates on my projects, the second will include tips on writing, publishing, etc. from my experiences. I will let you know when that new schedule actually starts. 

That’s the main thing I wanted to inform you of today. I plan to knock out 3-5 pages this week, and that work begins today! 

Until next time,