Onward and Upward


I am excited to begin this new week with you, so let’s get started…

The Faces of the War Collection

Unguarded has been doing well since its release, with a handful of copies sold. I have already received a review (though it hasn’t yet been posted to Amazon) that there is a clear sign of improvement from my effort on Resistant. That sounds like good news to me!

I am hoping to tackle at least a few pages of writing this week, but as always I’ll have to see what happens. With the spark of creativity that I experienced last week regarding my short stories, I may devote a little more time to that. But I’ll talk about that in a bit.

Book Three in my WWII collection is looking to be a more serious book. I guess I mean that in the sense of what the main character experiences and thinks. As I go about my writing, I want to experiment with different writing techniques and devices, all the while trying not to stray from my original ideas and intents. I think that’s part of what writing is all about.

Looking ahead to the coming months, I can say with confidence that I believe this next book will be something of a turning point in my writing. I just have a good feeling about it. Currently, I am reading a couple of books – one a memoir, another a non-fiction account of the war’s events – that will provide me with some great inspiration and information to help build my story. And to me that’s one of the most exciting parts about writing: weaving your own story into the fabric of history. As these upcoming weeks arrive, I’ll keep you posted on how the writing goes.

The Short Story Collection

I recently had a spark of creativity with regards to my upcoming short story collection, Volume 2, which I aim to release sometime in March or April. The stories I had begun in the autumn sat dormant for a few months, with only one of them having been started. The other two were only in idea form.

However, I felt the flow of ideas increase, which told me to get writing. Not wanting to break off from working on my WWII project, I debated what to do. But my inner writer led the way. I am almost finished with the first story, with the word count sitting at around 1,200 words. My rule of thumb is to have a short story be at least 2,000 so it has some length to it. The word count ceiling is dependent on a story-by-story basis.

I think you will really like these stories. I definitely enjoy thinking up ideas and fleshing them out, and I hope to do it in a way that entertains my readers. As the upcoming weeks arrive, I’ll update you on how it’s all going.

New Project

I had mentioned before about a “new project” taking a spot on my work plate, and that I’d talk about it in an upcoming blog post. Well, today is the day for that discussion.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten into watching YouTube “vlogs” (or video logs) published by what one might call “everyday people.” Simply put, there are individuals out there that document their daily/weekly/monthly lives on camera, and upload those videos to YouTube where a loyal following exists. The followers of these people tune in every day/week/month to see what these everyday people are up to.

As I watched more and more, I became engrossed in the idea that this is an awesome thing. It’s awesome in a technological sense (because nothing like this could have been accomplished in the past), as well as in a social sense (because I’m a fan of collaboration and networking). With that in mind, I pondered the idea of joining the crowd of these everyday individuals, documenting my own experiences. Taking it a step further, I thought “Why not gear it toward my writing experiences and how I live as a writer?”

And so, beginning this Friday and continuing indefinitely over the coming months, I will release a video once a week documenting my writing life. Being the organized, OCD individual that I am, I wanted to plan out at least the first few vlogs I would publish.

The very first vlog will be just an introductory one. The first vlog of real content, though, will cover brainstorming. I talk about brainstorming in general and what I do specifically in that part of my writing process.

I intend to keep the vlogs between ten and fifteen minutes long so they’re short enough to be watched over lunch or in the morning when you wake up. These videos are in no way exhaustive or definitive; they’re simply ways to express my view on the topics at hand. At this point, I have fifteen videos planned (consequently, fifteen weeks’ worth) on writing process from start to finish, which will take us into the beginning of summer. From there, I will come up with more topics to discuss.

Another driving reason that made me want to go on the YouTube adventure is because I want to expand my author platform and increase my reach to the world of readers. And so I figured YouTube could be a great way to do that. I talk about this in the first video, so I don’t want to step on my own toes here.

That being said, I would really appreciate it if you tuned in to my YouTube channel and subscribed! Gaining subscribers who talk about and share my videos will greatly increase my presence in the reading and writing community, and I would be grateful for any help my current readers can give me in that respect.

I will send out another blog post later this week when the videos go live, with the appropriate links and details included.

As always, thank you so much for your continued encouragement and support. I can’t do what I do without it!

Until next time,


On to the Next


Welcome to a new week, a new month, a new chapter. Well, new chapter for me, at least. Now that Unguarded has released and some time has passed for my mind to reset, it is on to the next project. So let’s dive in…

To begin, I’d like to share a link to another blog for which I wrote a guest post just last week. The blog, entitled English Historical Fiction Authors, is operated by fellow historical fiction author Debra Brown and showcases articles, authors, and books in the realm of British history. I wrote an article on the Battle of Britain as my guest blog post, which played well into the promotion for Unguarded. It isn’t as long as some articles on the website, but I wrote what I felt was necessary to talk about what was on my mind. It was a fun experience, and I’m grateful to Debra for giving me the chance to guest blog and for the added exposure to my work. If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to give it a look!

As for the next project, it technically has already begun. In between working days during the final phase of Unguarded, I started into the preliminary writing of the next book in my World War II collection. In this book, there will be a Prologue and an Epilogue (the first book in the collection to have both). At this point, I have just over 4K words written, which leaves me around 43K left to type if this book will be similar in length to its predecessor. And I had already had the book planned in skeleton form since before October 2014. I am very much looking forward to working through this project. And I hope that you will continue to follow along and support me in my passion!

With regard to the next short story volume, not as much has developed as I would have liked. I am still hoping to release Volume 2 sometime between March and May, but I will have to see how it all goes. I will keep you posted as I go.

There are also some things happening behind the scenes, but I don’t want to give it away just yet. But if all goes as planned, they are pretty big. It is my hope that the year ahead will be filled with great things!

Until next time,


Resistant Update, Among Other Things


I hope this blog post finds you well, and that you are on your way to accomplishing whatever it is that you may set out to do this week!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of expedience on my part in fixing the problem surrounding the print version of Resistant on Amazon. If you aren’t aware, I have been in the process of switching the print and ebook versions of Resistant from my initial distributor (WaveCloud, now called BookFuel) over to me. This way, I will have complete control over prices, distribution, etc. of my debut book. The ebook transfer went off without a hitch, but the print version has encountered some hiccups along the way. Again, I do beg your pardon on this matter, and it is my hope to have this problem fixed as soon as I can manage. I will notify my readers when the print version is live again!

In other news, I am working toward the completion of my next project, Unguarded, which is the second book in my “Faces of the War” collection. The book is currently in the editing part of the process, and it is my hope to have it available to you by Christmas. I am on schedule as of today, so that tentative date is to hold until I tell you otherwise.

That being said, I encourage you to keep an eye out for a release date and other promotion in the coming weeks. This book is the second book in my World War II collection, however it is not related to Resistant in any way. So don’t feel that you have to buy the first book to understand the second–they are freestanding! You can find the information about them both here.

I also have a volume of short stories available on Amazon for the Kindle, so feel free to check that out as well. It is only $0.99 and is a really good read, so I’m told.

I hope to have more information for you in the coming weeks as my next project edges closer to completion. Until then, I wish you well on all your endeavors, whether you’re a fellow writer or not. Remember, if you enjoy what you do, then it isn’t work–it is a passion!

Until next time,


Much News!


It is a brand new start to a brand new week. I truly hope there is much good in store for you today! There is much going on in the Eli Kale community this week, part of it due to a change in things regarding my current works in progress. 

Faces of the War: Unguarded

Much progress was made this past week on my upcoming book, Unguarded, which is the second in a collection of historical fiction stories set during the Second World War. Up to this point, The writing completed on Friday put me a little past the halfway mark of the number of words which I would like this book to have – 49K. After completing the remaining 3K or so words left in Part II today, I will be well on my way to writing Part III and the Epilogue, edging closer and closer to my goal word count.

I have recharged my writing and creative batteries, and I must say that the past few work days have been a blast! I am really enjoying getting into the character, much like I did with the main character in my first book. I’ve mentioned before that some aspects of the first book carry over into the second book, while the stories themselves will be completely different and unrelated. 

I have also picked up a second editor for Book Two, mostly because my primary editor has taken on more work in her schedule. So to still bring you a quality story, I am working with two editors this time around. I am truly looking forward to this new part of the experience.

As for the overall time frame, I am actually ahead of schedule a bit. The tentative release date is still sometime shortly after New Year’s. I will have more on that in the coming months.

The Short Story Collection: Volume I

If you haven’t read it or heard me say it before, I am aiming to release short stories through Amazon KDP periodically throughout the coming months and years in the form of three-story volumes. The first volume will release sometime this week, barring any unforeseen setbacks. 

This is what I alluded to in the beginning of the post. I had asked a friend if they’d like to edit the short stories for me, and they said they would. However, with their internship on the West Coast getting underway, which makes the person very busy, they were unable to get around to the editing. With the understanding from the get-go that they were to put their work and priorities first, I decided to edit the stories myself. 

After considering it all, I concluded that this is actually a good thing because it makes the stories more personal. You as a reader can be a little bit closer to me as a writer, because what you’re reading is truly mine. I really enjoyed writing these first three stories, and I hope you will enjoy reading them. 

This being my first time using Amazon KDP, I can’t state an exact time and date for when the book will release. I’ll have to get the hang of it first. I can say that it should be live by the end of the week (my goal, at least). It will be either $0.99 or $1.99, depending on the file size and such. 

The reason I am doing these short stories is to vary up the writing that I do on my larger projects, like the books in the “Faces of the War” collection. Not only does it provide me with a break from the time period, style, settings, etc. of my other projects, but it gives you something new and fresh to read as well. So if you’re a fan of short stories, I encourage you to check it out after its release!

Mailing List

A few more people have added themselves to my mailing list, but there is always room for more! I use email newsletters to directly reach those in the Eli Kale community who wish to receive early details and updates about me and my work. I also would like to encourage you to join the mailing list because it will allow you to step inside my world as I journey through my writing. There are also things in the e-newsletters (which I send out bi-weekly) that don’t show up in the regular blog here: fun facts, Q&A sessions, special giveaways, and much more. It also affords you the opportunity to interact with me, which is important to me because I like to be a presence in the community of my readership, not an absent author whose social media posts are the only semblance of life that you see of him. And the best part is that I don’t write long newsletters, so you can read them over your morning coffee or in the evening as you settle into bed.

I would love to have you join me as I create these stories of which I am very passionate. All you have to do is go to the link in the previous paragraph, then input your name, email, and a comment saying that you’d like to be placed on the list, and that’s it! 

So to end today’s information-filled post, here is one of my favorite cartoons by the artist Gary Larson. Have a wonderful day!


Until next time,


Looking Ahead


I am pleased to say that after seven months of hard work, I have finally brought my debut project to the bookshelves of the public! “Resistant” is now in both ebook and print format, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, WaveCloud, Google Play, and the Apple iBookstore. Go check it out when you have a chance!

The support and encouragement from so many family, friends, and followers has been overwhelming, and I can’t even express just how grateful I am for that encouragement. It has helped me come this far, and I can only hope to keep moving forward from here. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my literary journey so far, it’s that building up and supporting others is a key to success.

I’d like to give a little insight into what I am doing now that my first book has gone live. While I’ve been very busy keeping up my social media profiles and working behind the scenes to publish and promote my book, I’ve been working even harder to get ready for a particularly wonderful transition in my life right now. I will be getting married to my amazing and beautiful fiance, Sarah, later this month, and will be taking a month or so off from writing to focus on the wedding and honeymoon. Rest assured that I will resume work in late June on my next project; here’s where the information gets juicy!

The title of my next project is “Unguarded” and will be Book Two of the “Faces of the War” Collection. At this point, my projected release date for it will be sometime shortly after the New Year. However, I intend on releasing an ebook before then. It is the first volume in a planned project of short story collections. My goal is to write short stories on the off-days that I don’t work on my larger projects (most notably the Faces of the War books) and release them in between the larger releases. It helps me to keep writing, and it gives you more material to read, and at a lower cost than my larger projects. In addition to the Faces of the War collection and the short story collection, I have other ideas on my list to develop into projects.

I am very excited for what is in store for me. Working on these types of projects brings me great satisfaction. I look forward to seeing my following increase and my projects rise in number. I write for me, yes…but I also write for you, my audience. Without you, I would not be able to write. And so I thank you.

Until next time!