Summer Days Drifting Away


The summer continues to press on, affording us all new chances to do something great or to strive for something awesome. I hope you are accomplishing all that you set out to do, or are in the process of it! Let’s get to this week’s material…

The Faces of the War Collection

As I eagerly await the arrival of Imminent‘s cover draft, I continue to chip away at the manuscript. I am editing the rest of Part I to give to my editor, and I’m also writing here and there for Parts II and III. I already have the Prologue and Epilogue completed; I just have to go back and see if any of it needs tweaking once I’m done with the body of the text.

With this book, I want to try a few things regarding writing style and experimenting with the feel of the story. You’ll understand what I mean when it releases, but for now just know that the story is a different kind of story from my previous two books, yet something I think we all can relate to. And that’s a big part of how I write – to make the characters’ experiences relatable to the reader. I will be relying on my editor, and any beta readers I use along the way, to help mold the words into the right kind of story with what I’m talking about in mind.


I noticed that the end slate (the final slide with my photo, the subscribe button, etc.) on the vlog two weeks ago was cut off a bit. And then last week’s vlog was cut off even worse. The weird thing is that it looks perfectly fine in my video editing software. So I don’t know what the problem could be, but hopefully I can get it fixed.

Regardless, I hope you’re enjoying the videos if you’re watching them, and if you’re not then I invite you to. You can subscribe to my channel to know exactly when new videos are uploaded, just so you don’t miss anything. I’d love to have you along, as well as any friends, family members, or coworkers who might be interested in writing, reading, history, and much more!

If you are new to me and my work, what would you like to know?

And if you have been following me and my work for a while, what aspects of my books, my blogs, my videos, and so forth resonate with you?

I would really like to get a feel for what my readers and followers are getting out of my content, what they like and dislike, and perhaps what more they’d like to see. It’s all part of connecting in the small community made up of readers and followers. So please, let me know! You can reply to this blog post, or even better – you can post to one of my social media profiles (like Twitter or Facebook) and share your thoughts. You never know if someone else has the same thoughts as you, and how that might bring us all closer together!

That’s about it for this week. It’s just a matter of waiting for the book cover to be revealed, and then finally for the book to release before my blog posts light up with extra juicy information. Thank you for following me and supporting me in my passion!

Until next time,


Onward and Upward


I am excited to begin this new week with you, so let’s get started…

The Faces of the War Collection

Unguarded has been doing well since its release, with a handful of copies sold. I have already received a review (though it hasn’t yet been posted to Amazon) that there is a clear sign of improvement from my effort on Resistant. That sounds like good news to me!

I am hoping to tackle at least a few pages of writing this week, but as always I’ll have to see what happens. With the spark of creativity that I experienced last week regarding my short stories, I may devote a little more time to that. But I’ll talk about that in a bit.

Book Three in my WWII collection is looking to be a more serious book. I guess I mean that in the sense of what the main character experiences and thinks. As I go about my writing, I want to experiment with different writing techniques and devices, all the while trying not to stray from my original ideas and intents. I think that’s part of what writing is all about.

Looking ahead to the coming months, I can say with confidence that I believe this next book will be something of a turning point in my writing. I just have a good feeling about it. Currently, I am reading a couple of books – one a memoir, another a non-fiction account of the war’s events – that will provide me with some great inspiration and information to help build my story. And to me that’s one of the most exciting parts about writing: weaving your own story into the fabric of history. As these upcoming weeks arrive, I’ll keep you posted on how the writing goes.

The Short Story Collection

I recently had a spark of creativity with regards to my upcoming short story collection, Volume 2, which I aim to release sometime in March or April. The stories I had begun in the autumn sat dormant for a few months, with only one of them having been started. The other two were only in idea form.

However, I felt the flow of ideas increase, which told me to get writing. Not wanting to break off from working on my WWII project, I debated what to do. But my inner writer led the way. I am almost finished with the first story, with the word count sitting at around 1,200 words. My rule of thumb is to have a short story be at least 2,000 so it has some length to it. The word count ceiling is dependent on a story-by-story basis.

I think you will really like these stories. I definitely enjoy thinking up ideas and fleshing them out, and I hope to do it in a way that entertains my readers. As the upcoming weeks arrive, I’ll update you on how it’s all going.

New Project

I had mentioned before about a “new project” taking a spot on my work plate, and that I’d talk about it in an upcoming blog post. Well, today is the day for that discussion.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten into watching YouTube “vlogs” (or video logs) published by what one might call “everyday people.” Simply put, there are individuals out there that document their daily/weekly/monthly lives on camera, and upload those videos to YouTube where a loyal following exists. The followers of these people tune in every day/week/month to see what these everyday people are up to.

As I watched more and more, I became engrossed in the idea that this is an awesome thing. It’s awesome in a technological sense (because nothing like this could have been accomplished in the past), as well as in a social sense (because I’m a fan of collaboration and networking). With that in mind, I pondered the idea of joining the crowd of these everyday individuals, documenting my own experiences. Taking it a step further, I thought “Why not gear it toward my writing experiences and how I live as a writer?”

And so, beginning this Friday and continuing indefinitely over the coming months, I will release a video once a week documenting my writing life. Being the organized, OCD individual that I am, I wanted to plan out at least the first few vlogs I would publish.

The very first vlog will be just an introductory one. The first vlog of real content, though, will cover brainstorming. I talk about brainstorming in general and what I do specifically in that part of my writing process.

I intend to keep the vlogs between ten and fifteen minutes long so they’re short enough to be watched over lunch or in the morning when you wake up. These videos are in no way exhaustive or definitive; they’re simply ways to express my view on the topics at hand. At this point, I have fifteen videos planned (consequently, fifteen weeks’ worth) on writing process from start to finish, which will take us into the beginning of summer. From there, I will come up with more topics to discuss.

Another driving reason that made me want to go on the YouTube adventure is because I want to expand my author platform and increase my reach to the world of readers. And so I figured YouTube could be a great way to do that. I talk about this in the first video, so I don’t want to step on my own toes here.

That being said, I would really appreciate it if you tuned in to my YouTube channel and subscribed! Gaining subscribers who talk about and share my videos will greatly increase my presence in the reading and writing community, and I would be grateful for any help my current readers can give me in that respect.

I will send out another blog post later this week when the videos go live, with the appropriate links and details included.

As always, thank you so much for your continued encouragement and support. I can’t do what I do without it!

Until next time,


Keep Chuggin’ Along


Welcome to a new work week, a fresh start to continue working toward achieving our goals and realizing our aspirations. Let’s get right into today’s post…

The Faces of the War Collection

In planning the marketing for my recently released book Unguarded, I decided to try something different. Because my birthday is this week, I am discounting the ebook to only $0.99 from February 15-20. If you didn’t get around to picking up a copy upon the book’s release, I strongly encourage you to get it now at this even lower price. I don’t know when it will be this affordable again!

As for other news in my WWII historical fiction collection, work has begun on the third book. The skeleton planning took place back in September 2014, and the plot was more finely fleshed out in December. Writing began in earnest on February 5, and is continuing at a good pace. If you are unsure of what I mean when I say “skeleton planning,” you can check out my post on Writing Process.

I am looking forward to exploring the plot lines in this next book, especially because of the themes in the story. That leads me to ask you this: if you have read one or both of my books, what is something you liked with regard to the story? Were there interactions between characters that stuck out to you? Was the action and tension in the plot believable and gripping? I ask these questions because I want to ensure that I not only improve my writing craft (as every writer should aspire to do) but that I also deliver good quality stories to you, my readers. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so feel free to email me or submit a contact form found here.

The Short Story Collection

There is no real news to report on this front, only that I am slowly getting around to writing more in the stories of the upcoming “Volume 2.” I really want to deliver some entertaining yet different short stories to you, but the ideas aren’t flowing as much for that project as they are for my WWII book. If you haven’t checked out my first ebook entitled “Volume 1,” you can find it here.

I would like to take a moment to thank my family, friends, and my readers for supporting me in what I do. Writing has truly become a passion and something I want to pursue seriously. If you are reading this as a novice writer, please listen to this piece of advice – don’t let obstacles slow you down! Don’t let the words of naysayers distract or dishearten you. Keep chuggin’ along and do what makes you happy. It may seem difficult, but it is and will be so rewarding in the long run.

Until next time,


Final News on Unguarded


Welcome to a new post…I hope you are well and in good spirits, ready to tackle a new week ahead! Let’s get right into today’s post…

The Faces of the War Collection

As you know, much has been happening throughout the past weeks with the preparations for Unguarded‘s release. There are a few things in particular that I’d like to point out:

  • Pre-order: this will remain open until Saturday, January 24, which is the release date for the book. If you pre-ordered Unguarded for your Kindle, it will automatically be delivered to your device on that day. At some point after the release, the price will go up to the usual amount of $4.99.
  • Resistant: though this book and Unguarded aren’t directly related, they’re part of the same collection. As such, I wanted to make my first book available at a cheaper price on the Kindle and encourage you to pick it up. You can easily find it here. I plan on keeping the book on sale until the end of January. My hope is that you will pick up both and enjoy reading both, but I am grateful for your interest in my work either way.
  • Newsletter: if you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter already, I encourage you to that as well. You can email me at [] or click on this link. The next newsletter will be sent out this Wednesday, January 21 and will contain details about Unguarded‘s release – details that won’t be revealed right away on this blog. In addition to details, I will be having book deals/giveaways and other things of the sort, so there’s no real reason you shouldn’t be on the list. Check it out today!

Those are the main points I wanted to make that will affect the immediate future. There are a few other things I’d like to talk about…

The Short Story Collection

The next volume in this collection is underway, with a tentative release time in the spring. As the weeks go along, and after Unguarded is launched, I’ll give this more attention in the blog posts. If you haven’t yet read or seen my first volume on Amazon, you can easily find it here.

Future Projects

I have already begun to brainstorm ideas of what to write after I finish my WWII collection. I really enjoy writing these books, so I want to be sure that I finish what I started and complete the collection before wholly moving on to another big project. I can say, though, that two projects have been fairly fleshed out in terms of story ideas and certain plot details. I’ll have more on this in the coming months.

I’d like to express my gratitude to you, my readers and followers, for your continued support and encouragement throughout the writing process. It means so much to me! When next I post, a new book will be released with a new story to be experienced. I hope you will experience it with me.

Until next time,