I cannot even begin to describe to you the joy and satisfaction I am experiencing right now. For the majority of each of the past few days, I have revised the manuscript for my first book, adding some material along the way. I am approaching 35,000 words and surmise that I won’t end up much higher than 37-38,000 when it’s all said and done. The writing that has taken place is only part of an overall exciting and enlightening experience.

I have mentioned that, in addition to revising, work has commenced on the book cover, and I must say that it looks very good! I look forward to revealing it in the coming weeks. I can comfortably say that the release will be sometime in the next few months, hopefully before the end of May. So spread the word to your friends!

A quick shout-out to WaveCloud, the organization I chose to go with for my self-publishing needs. The book cover work that has come from them has been amazing, and I can surmise that the quality of their ebook conversion services will be just as high-caliber. I only expect good things to come in the future. It surely pays to work with a positive, optimistic attitude!


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