“Resistant” Release


I am pleased to reveal the front cover of my debut book, “Resistant.” I would like to thank the designer at WaveCloud who helped me bring this to life, as well as others who have helped and inspired me along the way. This is the first big reveal of the book, giving my audience a window into a story I have created. It is a great relief to finally reach this phase in my debut journey.


The story is about a young French girl named Rienne who is faced with a difficult situation when the German army invades France in the summer of 1940. With her home city of Paris now occupied, changes occur in her everyday life that are uncomfortable and unwelcome. As the plot thickens, she is faced with a choice that will have bearing on the rest of her life. What will become of her? Where will she go? How will the war affect her?

I hope you will check out my book when it is released in the coming days. And if you’re not a fan of historical fiction or WW2 history, I’d appreciate it if you pass the word along to a friend.

Follow this blog to stay up-to-date on the book.


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