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I hope this blog finds you in good health, and that you are fairing well in whatever project you might be working on!

This past weekend, I forwarded the first part of Unguarded (roughly one-third of the book) to my editor, and writing has continued on the second part. I am getting very excited to see where the next couple of weeks take me in my writing. I am even more excited to see what you, my readers, think when you first journey through the story.

I would like to encourage you to subscribe to my mailing list, if you haven’t already. I send out a newsletter twice a month via email that includes book-related information and behind-the-scenes details of my upcoming projects. Not only would you receive the information before “everyone else” in the Eli Kale community, but it is more detailed information tailored to a VIP-type of audience. I want to really have a personable relationship with my readers!

Here’s how you can subscribe:

1. Go to this link: https://elikaleauthor.wordpress.com/mailing-list/

2. Input your name and email address, and include a little note to me stating that you wish to be added to the Mailing List. 

3. You’ll receive the newsletter that is next in line to be published. If your subscription is close enough to a recently sent out newsletter, I’ll send a late copy of it to you personally!

And that’s all it takes! There is already some good information coming out through these newsletters regarding my upcoming book, Unguarded, which is the second book of the “Faces of the War” collection. You can find sales links and reviews for the first book, Resistant, here. The next issue of the newsletter will be posted this week, so sign up today!

Here is a new review for Resistant from Amazon:

“The book is a fictional story of a woman’s journey as a resistance fighter during WW2 in France. Something I noticed at times was a grammatical error or interesting sentence structure, which is okay since the book is self-published, and at the same time I thought it was brilliant if it was intended. The reason I think it would be brilliant if it was intended is because the narrator is a French woman by the name of Rienne. It is written in a way as if she is talking to you telling you the story. I pictured her as an old French lady with a French accent, so it would only be natural that she might have an error or two as she speaks since English wouldn’t be her first language. It made me appreciate the story even more and relate to her character.

The best part of the book was the description of the battle scenes. The author strikes an amazing balance between carefully detailing the scenes without hitting you over the head with details so you know exactly what is going on and can picture it in your head. The main character was also very likable, which is a huge plus. I recommend that you check it out.”

I hope that you too will leave a review and star rating for Resistant on Amazon if you have already read it or plan to read it. I would greatly appreciate it!

I would like to leave you with a quote I really like:

We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.”                                                                              –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until next time!


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