Bear with Me


Welcome to a new week with a fresh start! I hope you are faring well in all your projects, whether it be writing or reading. Remember, you should always try to write a little each day even if it is only a little bit, and reading other authors’ works helps in the creation of your own.

There has been some progress since last week, so let’s get right into it…

The Faces of the War Collection

If you have tried to purchase Resistant in print from Amazon, you will have noticed that there is no stock. That is untrue, however that is what it has to say for now. The reason for that is because I am in the process of switching everything for Resistant from WaveCloud (the company I used to distribute the book upon its release) to me. I wanted to have complete control over it, especially when it came to tracking my earnings and sales rankings. Because of this, WaveCloud had to “unpublish” the book (essentially take it down from Amazon on their end) and then send me the files to upload myself (“republishing” the book). The process can be slow at times, I’m told, so I ask that you please bear with me. Resistant will be made available in print again soon! It is available for the Kindle, so that option is open to you if you’d prefer.

As for the second book in the collection, Unguarded, it is coming along well. The first draft word count came in at just over 43K and I have since added to it while doing slight revisions. I am currently waiting to receive Part I (of III) from my editors, going back through the other two Parts in the meantime. I also mentioned before that there is an Epilogue in this book, which helped in extending the word count past Resistant’s word count of 38K. I am aiming to release the book by Christmas, which is dependent on how quickly and efficiently I can get through the editing process. If not, the book will release shortly after Christmas like I originally intended. Nothing but good news for my readers, as I am ahead of schedule.

The Short Story Collection

If you haven’t checked it out already, I have published the first volume of short stories that will contribute to my short story collection. The idea behind this project is that I would release volumes of short stories (usually containing 3-5 stories each) over time, in between my other larger projects. After a handful of volumes are released, I would have a large enough collection of short stories to offer my readers (especially new readers), which would afford them material to read aside from my WWII collection. I would like to give as much variety to my readers as I can manage, and I figured this would be a good way to it.

The second volume is underway and should be release in early 2015. That’s how it looks at this point!

Other News

Also, if you haven’t already joined my mailing list, I encourage you to do so. There is quite a bit of information that is revealed through my newsletter that comes out about every two weeks, and it contains more details than my blog does here. I’m using it as a means to connect with my readers on a more personal level, because I think it’s great when a person can interact with the author of a book they like. It makes the reading experience more meaningful, in my opinion.

All of the links needed to check out my upcoming books, as well as to join my mailing list, are located on this website by using the tabs at the top of the page. So please take a moment to browse my site–it is laid out very practically and can be easily navigated and accessed.

That is all I have for now. I hope to get to work on some more revisions this week and planning ahead for my upcoming projects after Unguarded is released. If you want the real scoop on it, join my mailing list!

Until next time,


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