Unguarded Details


I hope you are well as you read this, and well on your way to accomplishing something on your to-do list this week! Let’s get into the blog post for today…

The Faces of the War Collection

The Unguarded manuscript is entering its fifth and final read-through today, as it will be handed over to my editor on Friday afternoon. I have polished parts of it here and there, and will hopefully find any remaining issues and fix them this week. Like I said before, the biggest issue for me is the dialogue, so my focus is to make it crisp yet still within the confines of each character and situation they face. Along with a few other minor things, that is all that is left to do for my part. I’ll hand the manuscript over and revisit it upon my return from Germany in January.

The tentative release date is January 24th. Details about the release and the book’s pre-order will be included in next week’s blog post. At this point, my goal is to have the pre-order set up early next week. Keep in mind that it is only for the ebook version. I have never set up a pre-order before, so hopefully it goes over well and it actually works when readers order the book. Keep your eyes peeled for the details in next week’s blog post!

The Short Story Collection

I have yet to receive the first review for my short story ebook Volume 1, but I am not letting it get me down. Reviews will come when they come – that’s just a part of writing that I have to get used to. After launching Unguarded in January, I will work more on the short stories in the next ebook, Volume 2, which I’m aiming to release sometime in the spring. I would like to release it before really getting into the writing of my next book, but only time will tell what is to happen. More details about that in the coming blog posts.

Mailing List

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly encourage you to join my mailing list. It is very easy to do and will be well worth your time. I send out bi-weekly newsletters via email to my followers, where I reveal details about my upcoming projects, as well as give updates on currently published books. Not only that, I also am more personal and informal here because I want it to be a place where my readers can connect with me on a more personal level than through social media. So if you have a minute, click the link above and send me a message – I’ll gladly add you to the list and you’ll be all set. The next newsletter goes out this Wednesday, so do it now in order to receive it on time!

Thank you to all my readers, family, and friends – without your support and encouragement, I couldn’t do what I love to do.

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