Dayton Book Expo is Close!


A new week awaits, hopefully holding for you a slew of opportunities and experiences that will enrich your lives! Let’s get down to business…

The Faces of the War Collection

I am happy to say that writing for Part I is nearing its completion…only a few thousand more words to go! Though writing has been slow due to preparations for the Expo this coming weekend, I look forward to picking up the pace upon my return next week. Also on this front: ideas for the book cover are coming together and I’ll soon be getting things moving for that, so keep an eye out for details in the coming weeks and months for its reveal!

During the writing of this book, I have come to realize that I have a better understanding of creative writing, and my hope is that this trend will only continue so I can produce better writing. The storyline of this book is different from my previous two books in many ways, yet my aim is to intertwine familiar plot and structure attributes into it. I am excited for what this story will convey to readers and how the moral of it will be perceived. Time will tell!

If you would like to check out my first two books in this collection, you can find them under the tab above entitled “The Faces of the War Collection.”

The Short Story Collection

Not much has happened on this project, given that my main focus has been preparing for the Expo and writing in my third WWII book. I am still awaiting the return of a manuscript from a beta reader, so the project as a whole won’t be moving forward anyway. As I said before, my hope is to now have this project released by early summer, so keep an eye out for details to come!

If you would like to check out my first short story volume in this collection, you can find it under the tab above entitled “The Short Story Collection.”

Dayton Book Expo

With the Expo only days away, my excitement is ever increasing. I have just about everything ready to go for my table displays, which I hope will be sufficient. That’s all part of the process, I think–gauging what I should take with me and hoping it’ll be enough, and then comparing other tables when I get there. Then if I plan to go again in the future, I’ll have a better idea of what to do!

The Expo will be from 11am to 4pm this Saturday, April 25 at Sinclair Community College. I’ll be in the Great Hall (Building 12), but I’m not yet sure where exactly I’ll be set up. But the details for that will be in the reader’s event booklet, so you can find me in there. At my table, I’ll have paperback copies of my two books, which I can sign if you’d like, as well as an email signup list to receive a FREE ebook of your choice after the Expo. And of course, if you’d like to chat about WWII or my books, I’d love to entertain a conversation!

Remember: I’ll be in attendance under my real name (Mike Pratt) and will be listed accordingly; however, my table information and books will have my pen name on them (Eli Kale).

I hope to see you there, and if not, then I’ll let you know how it went in next week’s blog post!


My writing process videos are coming along well, with my ninth one in production this week. Last week’s vlog touched on the topic of having another person (friend, colleague, professional, etc.) edit your manuscript and the importance of it. This week’s vlog will touch on what to do once you get the edited manuscript back. To catch up on (or start watching) my vlogs, you can find them on my channel here. Please consider subscribing!

GoFundMe Campaign

I am raising money to support the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. If you have it in your heart to help me support this organization, and to help maintain an important part of history, then please consider donating to my campaign. You can find the details on my campaign page here.

That’s about it for today, but more details and information will arrive in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading my posts, and for supporting and encouraging me as I pursue my passion. It truly means the world!

Until next time,


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