Imminent Cover & Other News


It is a new week, and thus a new chance to accomplish your goals. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” so get out there and tackle your goals and dreams with purpose! I have a few things for you today, so let’s get down to business…

The Faces of the War Collection

I am just about ready to submit my cover ideas for Imminent (my third and upcoming book) to my cover designer, so you should expect a reveal sometime in the next month or so, barring any impediments along the way. I am debating whether or not to include the story description/synopsis with the cover. I didn’t do that with either of my first two books, but maybe I should change it up for this one. What do you think? As for the writing, I have today off from both jobs, so I intend on getting work done.

*cue thinking out loud (…or on the page…)

I have given some thought as to how the writing of this book has gone thus far, and that it has been drastically different than the previous two books. Part of that reason, I think, is because I’ve started another job. The time that I had free before to write is now mostly taken up by this second job, therefore leaving me with less time to write for extended periods of time. This change in circumstance is slowly forcing me to change my writing methodology, going from writing for a few hours on days off to writing in smaller increments every day. Only time will tell whether I can write effectively this way, or if I must search for a new writing method.

With that being said, I also think some of the issue of my lack of writing is the fact that in my mind I’m still trying to make the late summer deadline to release the book. In reality, though, I’m coming to realize that’s not possible. So, my plan is to rethink the book’s release and aim for that new deadline. I don’t know for sure what that is yet, but when I do I will inform you! After all, you are the reason I write, so it is right that you be the first to know.

If this is your first time reading my blog and you’d like to check out my first two WWII historical fiction books, you can find them here (Resistant) and here (Unguarded).


I am continuing to improve my recording habits throughout the week so I can upload good videos to my channel every Friday. “Good” in the sense that they give you a nice look into my life, both the personal and writing aspects of it. I’m not out to impress anybody, nor to suggest that what I say about writing is definitive or “right.” I simply like to talk about reading and writing as I experience it and as I understand it, which is the most anyone can expect of a person in my position, I think.

For the time being, I record footage throughout the week and post a video on Friday. In the future, though, I see myself putting up 2 or even 3 videos a week. I’d like to think that I could gain a following that enjoys watching me and hearing what I have to say about the things I discuss in my vlogs, and that those people would support me in making more than one video a week. But I won’t rush things – it’ll happen when it happens!

Other News

In an effort to vary up the content I put out to my readers and followers, I am taking some time to unofficially poll my readers. What do you want to know about me? What would you like me to discuss on my blog, vlogs, or newsletters? Is there something different I can be doing to better interact with you?

I’d really like to connect with those who read and follow my work, because that’s the reason I write. Well, I also write because I enjoy doing it for me, but you know what I mean! So please, communicate with me your thoughts and questions. I’d really like to hear from you.

That’s all I have for you today, but I’m sure more will unfold as the coming weeks come and go. I’m really looking forward to getting the cover back from my designer and revealing it to you. I’m even more excited to finish writing Imminent and publishing it for your reading pleasure. Just bear with me and it’ll be here before we know it!

Until next time,


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