Cover on the Way!


An exciting time in writing is coming up, starting with yet another new week full of opportunities and chances to accomplish your goals! I say an exciting time is approaching because, at least in my writing life, more progress is being made on my third book, Imminent!

The Faces of the War Collection

I ended up not getting the next draft of the cover this past Friday, so I anticipate receiving it by later today or tomorrow (hopefully not Wednesday). It’s crazy to see how this cover has evolved from the vision I had initially. But like I’ve said before, having a finished product end up not quite how you first envisioned it ins’t a bad thing!

With having the day off today, I hope to knock out at least 3,000 words, if not more. If I can manage that, it’ll put me under the 10,000 word mark for words remaining! My target date for completing the first draft is September 21, so I’m really trying to work productively and effectively toward that end. September is just a week away, so like I said – these next few months are about to get crazy!

That’s the main piece of information that I wanted to keep you updated on this week, so this blog post will be shorter than usual. But I like to change it up a little sometimes, and that also means that there will be more information in the next couple of posts.

Thank you for reading this post and for supporting me and taking interest in my work. I write because I enjoy it and have a passion for it, and I hope that what I write can entertain you, my readers! Feel free to check out my currently published books (Resistant and Unguarded, and my short story volume), and follow my blog to stay in the loop with upcoming project details. Another great way to stay in contact with me and my work is to join my mailing list by subscribing. And yet another way to connect with me is through my YouTube channel, where I upload weekly vlogs that detail my writing and personal life.

I look forward to connecting with you, whether you’re new to my work or have been following for a while!

Until next time,


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