The Joy of Revising


I have only a brief thought for you.

Today, I finished revising the second of three parts that compose my first book. I must say it is such a joy to expand my creative side and write a story that I enjoy making from practically nothing. Sure, there are historical facts and truths that I research for accuracy, but the “meat and potatoes” of the story come directly from my grey matter. This is something I could do for a living, or at the very least a modest hobby, and I know this because of the satisfaction that writing brings me. Knowing I’ve made something that has the potential to enlighten or bring joy to others is something quite special. And I believe that special feeling can only truly be felt by someone who is devoted to their craft. I only hope that in the end I can look back on my experience and see that it was so with me.

So here’s a question for you: what have you done recently (or perhaps plan to do) that not only brings satisfaction to you, but that also enlightens or brings joy to others? Think about it.


First Book Jitters


I am pleased to tell you that I just received the second of three portions that compose my story from a friend who is helping out with the editing. As I go through the text and revise, I can’t help but feel somewhat nervous but still very excited about the whole process. The excitement aspect springs from the fact that this is all a fun and new experience for me, and because I’m doing something that I truly enjoy. The nervous aspect still lurches in the background. What should my cover look like? How should I write my main character? Does something there need tweaking? Where is the balance between emotion and action? So many questions fill my thoughts as I revise the story. I just hope I can calm myself down and do this thing right.

However, I know that this is a learning process, as are many things when done for the first time. I find calm and inspiration when I watch YouTube videos or read others blogs and posts by authors addressing these issues. If you are reading this and you are in my novice shoes, I strongly advise that you look to those who have come before you for strength and inspiration as well. If you are reading this and you are an experienced author, I implore you for any guiding advice on these issues I am facing.

As for the story itself, here is a tiny bit of information…a teaser, if you will: the main character’s name is…actually, I don’t think I want to divulge that information just yet. Being a rookie author, I want to utilize the element of surprise and anticipation as much as I can. I will tell you this, however: my hope and aim is to get this book released through Amazon by May. I am working diligently on the project so I can get a good story into your hands.

If you have friends or know of anyone who would be interested in a historical fiction story, refer this blog to them, as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages, so they can follow along and keep informed on things.


Chuggin’ Along


I am excited to share with you a few things. First off, the book I’m currently working on, which is also my first, is coming along very well. Since beginning the writing process around Thanksgiving of last year, I have written over 30,000 words and divided the book into three parts. It has been a fun and enriching experience to write this story, especially since it falls into my area of personal interest in terms of history. I will have a better idea on a possible release date for the book in the coming weeks. Also, getting acquainted with the self-publishing process through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and CreateSpace has been a somewhat daunting yet rewarding experience thus far. It is truly an encouraging notion that self-publishing is fairly simple and straightforward, not difficult like many make it out to be. I work with anticipation for what is still in store for me and the readership I hope to develop.

Secondly, I have just recently built up my various profiles that I will use to get the word out about my book and to maintain communication with my readers. If you have an account on the following websites and would like to look me up, here’s what you can search for:



I would like to point out that this WordPress blog will be the primary tool I will use when communicating with my readers. Sure, there will be updates and other important information on Facebook and Twitter, but this is where my major activity will be. Facebook and Twitter will be used like this…

Facebook will serve as a platform from which readers can glean information about the books I have written, am currently writing, and about books that are still to come. The other main feature of my Eli Kale page on Facebook is the mailing list signup form on the tab titled, “Subscribe for Updates.” Here, readers can subscribe to a mailing list to receive (via e-mail) important updates and other information, usually before that information hits the social media sites. So it’s essentially a VIP list, if you think about it.

Twitter will serve as a platform from which readers can get important and up-to-date information on the book currently in development, as well as books previously published. There will also be videos, links, and pictures that will pop up from time to time about my books or things related to them. And sometimes, I may just post something that I find interesting or intriguing.

I will keep you informed on developments as they happen.