The Joy of Revising


I have only a brief thought for you.

Today, I finished revising the second of three parts that compose my first book. I must say it is such a joy to expand my creative side and write a story that I enjoy making from practically nothing. Sure, there are historical facts and truths that I research for accuracy, but the “meat and potatoes” of the story come directly from my grey matter. This is something I could do for a living, or at the very least a modest hobby, and I know this because of the satisfaction that writing brings me. Knowing I’ve made something that has the potential to enlighten or bring joy to others is something quite special. And I believe that special feeling can only truly be felt by someone who is devoted to their craft. I only hope that in the end I can look back on my experience and see that it was so with me.

So here’s a question for you: what have you done recently (or perhaps plan to do) that not only brings satisfaction to you, but that also enlightens or brings joy to others? Think about it.


3 thoughts on “The Joy of Revising

    • Thank you! I try to get some good information on here that can help others relate to me, which is something I like that other bloggers do. I’m glad you got something out of this!

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