Falling Into Autumn


Autumn is approaching! I love the smells that are in the air, the feel of the cool morning breezes on my skin, and the sense of impending change that defines the season. It’s one of my favorite times of year, and I’ve decided to use it as a tool to help revitalize my drive and ambition, with the hope of completing my current projects to the best of my ability! Let’s get down to this week’s details…

The Faces of the War Collection

Much progress has been made since last week. I have no more than 3,000 words left to write to reach my target word count (or close to it), and it is my intention to knock out those words in the coming week. I mentioned last week that I received the finished front cover of Imminent, and that I’ll reveal that properly as the release date of the book gets closer. It is still set for December 11, with the aim being that the book will be available for purchase before Christmas – in case you want to gift it to someone! I’ll continue to give updates on this project through this blog, so continue following to stay in the loop!

Inkitt Short Story

There is still time to read my latest short story on the website Inkitt, and to vote for it (if you like it) before the contest ends on September 24. I’ve said it before – I’m not looking to win the contest, but rather to get my content “out there.” If I were to win, great! But if not, I’ll just be glad to have been able to create something new for you, my readers, to enjoy. Let me know what you think!


I am looking forward to continuing into the autumn and winter with my videos. I am making it a goal of mine to get into a better habit of recording more throughout the week rather than just one or two days. Videos will still be posted on Fridays, sometimes skipping weeks here and there if my personal schedule is particularly hectic. You can find my videos on my channel, and be sure to “Subscribe” so that you can see my latest videos in your home feed. And tell a friend – I’m always looking to connect with new viewers and followers of my work!

Indie Writing Advice

When writing your first draft, it’s wise not to worry about making it perfect. I’ve said this before – doing that will hinder the flow of creativity and ideas, and will draw out the writing process much longer than it should be. Save the fine-tuning for later. One thing to do as you write, though, is to take a mental note (or actually write it down on a pad of paper) of the words or phrases you often tend to resort to often.

For example, I tend to picture in my mind the scene I’m writing as it plays out. I sometimes have characters nod in agreement or understanding, and I find that I write it as such quite a bit. So what I do is simple: I’ll go into the finished first draft and run a search for the word “nod” and see how many results come up. I’ll then go through and try to replace it with a different action that will convey similar emotion, tension, etc. in that scene. This not only decreases repetitive wording, but it forces me to freshen up my vocabulary and by extension helps round out my characters and what they do. I include this in my editing read-throughs after I finish the first draft. This way, these repetitive actions and dialogue beats will be ironed out and made pretty before handing the story over to my editor, which cuts down on their work in the end.

That’s all I have for this week, but stay tuned as progress is made this week and next, and as the story nears its completion. The publishing process will begin to pick up speed as the autumn presses on, so join me for the ride in the coming months as we move closer to release!

Until next time,




I would first like to say thank you for all the support and encouragement throughout the process of writing and releasing my debut book. It truly means a lot to me!

I have received word that the print version of “Resistant” should be released sometime this week through Amazon. I will include a link on the RESISTANT tab on my home page, as well as post a blog announcing it, when it does release. I hope it gets off to a great start!

I have given some thought to different ways to promote my work, and one method in particular came to mind…and for this, I’ll need the help of others. It’s called cross-promotion; I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The concept goes like this: I have a book that I’d like to promote. You have a book you’d like to promote. Both of these books are our own works, by the way. On an individual basis, we’d work out an agreement to where we’d promote each other’s work. It’s free advertising. All it takes is a little work on our part: a Tweet here and there, a shout-out in a blog post, and anything else that comes to mind.

I would love to promote other authors’ books, especially indie authors, because I know how important the work is to them and how much they want to get word of it out to the public. So if you have a book you’d like to promote–it doesn’t even have to be a recently released work–shoot me an email and we can talk about doing some cross-promotion! I look forward to hearing from you!

My email is on the home page of my blog, but I’ll include it here for convenience: elikale.author@gmail.com

Until next time!


It Is Finished


It is finished. I have gone through my story in one final proof and have decided that it is complete! It is a somewhat weird feeling knowing that I do not have to revisit the plot or characters or setting or anything else in this book again. I feel very satisfied with what I have done, and hopefully in time you will feel satisfied as well upon reading the book.


As you’ll see in this little sneak peak, the word count has come to a grand total of just shy of 38K words. The subtractions that I made were all the asterisks and such that act as breaks in the flow of the story. It’s amazing that I initially set out with a ballpark figure of 25K words in mind, and yet here I am about to publish a book with much more than that. The writing was not forced, but rather ideas came to me and they seemed to fit with the rest of the story.

If you haven’t heard me mention it already, I’ll mention here again. I have been using the author services of the WaveCloud Corporation to bring my book to life. They designed my cover professionally, which I will be revealing next week, and they offer many more services on top of that. One such resource that they offer is a series of webinars.┬áThere is a process to joining in on the live webinars that I won’t detail here, but I would strongly suggest that anyone using WaveCloud’s services should take part in the webinars. They are worth the time.

I am extremely humbled by the things I have learned from others, both through WaveCloud and social media, because of how it has helped me in my process as an author. I couldn’t have imagined myself in this position five months ago when I began writing my first book, but I am very glad I have made it to this point. I cannot wait to see where the road takes me!