It Is Finished


It is finished. I have gone through my story in one final proof and have decided that it is complete! It is a somewhat weird feeling knowing that I do not have to revisit the plot or characters or setting or anything else in this book again. I feel very satisfied with what I have done, and hopefully in time you will feel satisfied as well upon reading the book.


As you’ll see in this little sneak peak, the word count has come to a grand total of just shy of 38K words. The subtractions that I made were all the asterisks and such that act as breaks in the flow of the story. It’s amazing that I initially set out with a ballpark figure of 25K words in mind, and yet here I am about to publish a book with much more than that. The writing was not forced, but rather ideas came to me and they seemed to fit with the rest of the story.

If you haven’t heard me mention it already, I’ll mention here again. I have been using the author services of the WaveCloud Corporation to bring my book to life. They designed my cover professionally, which I will be revealing next week, and they offer many more services on top of that. One such resource that they offer is a series of webinars. There is a process to joining in on the live webinars that I won’t detail here, but I would strongly suggest that anyone using WaveCloud’s services should take part in the webinars. They are worth the time.

I am extremely humbled by the things I have learned from others, both through WaveCloud and social media, because of how it has helped me in my process as an author. I couldn’t have imagined myself in this position five months ago when I began writing my first book, but I am very glad I have made it to this point. I cannot wait to see where the road takes me!


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