Book Two Progress


Today’s blog is strictly informational. 

Much progress has been made in the past week with regards to UNGUARDED, Book Two in the “Faces of the War” collection. I finished working this past Friday by sending just over 13K words to my editor. This week will mark the beginning of work on the second 1/3 of the book!

As the schedule currently stands, I am well within my goal of releasing the book just after the New Year. Also on the schedule is the first volume of my short story collection, due to release this autumn. More details will come down the pipe as I get closer to finishing it. I also have other projects lined up, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

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UNGUARDED: Book Two in the “Faces of the War” Collection


I am now more than halfway complete with Part I of UNGUARDED, the second book in my “Faces of the War” collection!


I sent the first portion of Part I off to my editor for proofing while I continue writing. So far, the story is coming together really well. I am pleased with the process of this book thus far.

I wanted to take a moment to remind you all of something. The “Faces of the War” collection is not a series. The books I write in this collection are not connected in plot, only in genre and time period. I just wanted to reiterate that fact as I go along with this second book so we’re all on the same page.

I don’t want to give away too much too soon in terms of details. But I can tell you this: a common thing I’ve picked out of a few reviews of RESISTANT so far is the length. The length of RESISTANT was around 200 pages, and that is what I felt was a good length when I wrote it. I didn’t want to force words onto the page and risk goofing up the story. 


Therefore, here is a detail of UNGUARDED that I’m sure will be a welcomed one: Book Two will be longer than 200 pages. I’m not sure how much longer it will be, but it will be longer. 

On another note, I plan to begin blogging twice a week–once on Monday and again on Thursday: the first will be updates on my projects, the second will include tips on writing, publishing, etc. from my experiences. I will let you know when that new schedule actually starts. 

That’s the main thing I wanted to inform you of today. I plan to knock out 3-5 pages this week, and that work begins today! 

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It Is Finished


It is finished. I have gone through my story in one final proof and have decided that it is complete! It is a somewhat weird feeling knowing that I do not have to revisit the plot or characters or setting or anything else in this book again. I feel very satisfied with what I have done, and hopefully in time you will feel satisfied as well upon reading the book.


As you’ll see in this little sneak peak, the word count has come to a grand total of just shy of 38K words. The subtractions that I made were all the asterisks and such that act as breaks in the flow of the story. It’s amazing that I initially set out with a ballpark figure of 25K words in mind, and yet here I am about to publish a book with much more than that. The writing was not forced, but rather ideas came to me and they seemed to fit with the rest of the story.

If you haven’t heard me mention it already, I’ll mention here again. I have been using the author services of the WaveCloud Corporation to bring my book to life. They designed my cover professionally, which I will be revealing next week, and they offer many more services on top of that. One such resource that they offer is a series of webinars. There is a process to joining in on the live webinars that I won’t detail here, but I would strongly suggest that anyone using WaveCloud’s services should take part in the webinars. They are worth the time.

I am extremely humbled by the things I have learned from others, both through WaveCloud and social media, because of how it has helped me in my process as an author. I couldn’t have imagined myself in this position five months ago when I began writing my first book, but I am very glad I have made it to this point. I cannot wait to see where the road takes me!


Release Information


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have had a great start to your work week! I am happy to inform you that the process is going smoothly for my first book. I wanted to include some details in today’s blog regarding my debut book.

I will be releasing most, if not all, details regarding my book’s release via this blog over the coming weeks. I won’t release complete plot details or anything like that–only little teaser quotes or bits of a summary. The book cover will also be in there at some point. From where I stand now, I plan to release the book in May.

I am diligently working on the manuscript, which is in its final stages. Currently, the book stands at just shy of 35,500 words, but I foresee it ending up closer to 38-40K words when it’s all said and done. The book will be available first as an e-book, then in print. Again, more details regarding those sorts of things will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I really enjoy the writing and self-publishing processes, and I only hope I can continue.