Newsletter Update (and Other Things)


I hope this week brings you happiness in life, success in work, and peace in your heart and mind! I have a couple of things to cover today, so let’s get down to it…

Mailing List

As I wrap up a year of mailing list newsletters, and considering what’s going on in my life, I have decided to send a newsletter out every three weeks instead of every two. At this point in my writing life, there just isn’t enough new content every time for each newsletter to be fresh. In addition, it takes away time that I could use to write more. So this week there will be a newsletter sent out to those on my mailing list (and anyone else who’d like to subscribe to it in the meantime); the next newsletter will be sent out sometime around Wednesday, August 26th. I believe this is a wise move in my writing life, so I thank you for your understanding and I encourage you to join my mailing list!

The Faces of the War Collection

The process has been a little slower than anticipated in relation to getting my next book cover designed. However, as my wife reassures me, I shouldn’t worry about it right now because the book isn’t finished. With that being said, please know that I am working on this project a little at a time, and am eagerly anticipating its release. As I’ve said before, sometimes a working timeline doesn’t pan out exactly how you plan it; that’s how it usually is in the world of education, so I’m used to it and I know how to handle it.

In the meantime, if you’d like to check out my first two books, you can find them in print and on the Kindle here (Resistant) and here (Unguarded). Keep in mind that they’re not related stories, so you don’t have to read one to understand the other!


I am excited to see that I’m slowly gaining followers on my YouTube channel! I would like to gather more people who are interested in reading, writing, history, and life in general, so if you have family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else you know that shares those interests, please send them my way. My vlogs are usually between 8-15 minutes, depending on the topics I discuss, so they can easily be watched in the morning before work, on a lazy Saturday, or even at night before bed. And I only upload one video per week, so you don’t have to worry about watching a whole bunch of videos to stay up-to-date with what I’m doing. Many thanks in advance!

That’s about it for now, but like I said – hopefully over the next few weeks things will develop more as writing continues and as my book cover gets closer to completion. Come back next week for more, and I hope to see you on my mailing list!

Until next time,


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