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Thank you so much for opening my blog post today. I hope you can enjoy what I talk about and somehow apply my thoughts to your own writing life! Let’s get started…

The Faces of the War Collection

After some delay in starting the cover design process for Imminent, things are finally coming together! I anticipate hearing from my (new) contact regarding my draft cover sometime this week, hopefully by Wednesday. At that point, I’ll be able to give my feedback and suggestions on changes that I want made to it. Then probably within a week or so from then, I should have a finished cover…at least, that’s the pattern of the previous cover. When the cover is finished and I’m ready to reveal it, I will announce it through my newsletter and this blog, as well as my social media pages. That leads me to the next point…

KaleMail Newsletter

First off, I named my newsletter “KaleMail” because…well, it clicks. And rhymes. And it rolls off the tongue. Basically, it was an easy way for me to let my followers know that they were receiving my newsletter.

Secondly, I have the feeling that some of those on my mailing list might be unaware as to when I send my newsletter, and that they might think they haven’t received it. If you are on my mailing list and believe this to be the case, check your spam folder. It will say that it’s from Eli Kale and the subject will be “KaleMail: September Newsletter #1” for example. If it’s not in your spam folder and you still can’t find it, look in another folder. For example, on my personal Gmail account, there are tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions. I send the newsletter to my personal email so that I can see what you see, and when I receive it I find it under my Social tab.

So please, I encourage you to confirm that you’re receiving my newsletters, and if you’re not then I can double-check your email on my list to be sure to get it to you! And if you aren’t receiving my newsletters because you’re not on my mailing list, then I encourage you to join! It’s very easy, and you can easily do it right here. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my life and work!


In an effort to draw more followers to my work – and not just any followers, but those who are interested in what I write about – I am starting a subscription campaign that will result in new followers receiving an ebook of one of my books. This is geared mostly as a “thank-you” for following me, with the hope that the new follower will read my book and review it once they’re done reading.

So, if you aren’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, I encourage you to go to my channel and do so. Then, just so I know that you subscribed after reading this blog post, contact me through my website form and type the words “new follower” in the Comment field, followed by the title of the Kindle book you want from me. You can then expect to receive it within a few days! I really would like to garner more followers on my YouTube channel, because I want to connect with more people. I also believe they will get a better look into what I do and from there check out my books and other work.

That’s about it for this post. I hope you’ll consider all I’ve talked about today, and that you’ll pass the word along to a friend. And by next week, I hope to have more news for you regarding my book cover!

Until next time,


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